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    All my jewellery is lovingly handcrafted with the highest quality materials, treated with the right care it will last for years to come

    These are a few things that can help

    •  Try not to get your jewellery wet ( this means no swimming or showering ) as this can tarnish metal components, but if you do happen to get caught in a rain storm make sure it is fully dry with a soft cloth before putting away
    •  Chemicals, Soaps, creams & perfumes, can tarnish the jewellery & make it loose its shine, so avoid contact with this
    • Don't sleep or exercise in your jewellery as this can lead to damage with excess sweat
    •  Store it in the original box or airtight jewellery box/organiser, air,dust & sunlight can also tarnish jewellery and cause it to fade
    • Brass will naturally patina over time, this can easily be cleaned up to look as good as new with a little bit of brass polish and a dry cloth, i recommend Brasso

      If for any reason you lose or damage your jewellery, i may be able to help.  

      Please contact me at